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I promised to make a list of my favourite artists on tumblr a while ago. This post consists of some really sweet people I’ve been fortunate enough to know in person. Please, please follow them since I think they are all incredibly skilled and such cool kids.

I will make a larger list specifically for illustration blogs I follow once I find more time. But for now, enjoy!






Hey dudes (and hello to all my new followers!)

Sorry for being MIA. I have a few days left before my holidays kick in. I honestly cannot wait to spend all this free time painting, drawing and making music! 

But I have a swedish final on Friday so I should stop procrastinating. Catch you guys on the flip side. 

Anonymous said: Is there any other place where we can see your art?

Yes! I post a lot of my school and WIP work on instagram  but there are also a lot of personal posts man. I will be making an online portfolio during the holidays too. :) 

Anonymous said: who are your favorite artists on tumblr?

Hey! There are a handful of artists I adore on here. I’ll make a post linking to all of them once my finals are done! Thanks and keep a look out.  :)