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Quick update/photos taken from my instagram: Went and visited casciola over the break. We ate a massive amount of MAOMS and doodled. I am in lithography this term! Drew a couple rock gems. Can’t wait to etch and print them. Hope all is well with you cool kids.

Hey dudes (and hello to all my new followers!)

Sorry for being MIA. I have a few days left before my holidays kick in. I honestly cannot wait to spend all this free time painting, drawing and making music! 

But I have a swedish final on Friday so I should stop procrastinating. Catch you guys on the flip side. 

Anonymous asked: Is there any other place where we can see your art?

Yes! I post a lot of my school and WIP work on instagram  but there are also a lot of personal posts man. I will be making an online portfolio during the holidays too. :) 

Anonymous asked: who are your favorite artists on tumblr?

Hey! There are a handful of artists I adore on here. I’ll make a post linking to all of them once my finals are done! Thanks and keep a look out.  :)